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AOL stands for America Online. As the name suggests, AOL or America Online is an American based email service providing company. It is among those emails or internet service providing company which has been marketed by another big company, Verizon Media. AOL has a long honorable history with great achievements. It was founded in New York City which is a beautiful and business city in the USA. This esteemed email service providing company has been subjected to the long trails of ups and downs. It has started its journey as the producer of the multi-player games at that time. Then emerging through a lot of turns it finally landed into the business of the email services. As a result of providing quality services for decades, today AOL has become the biggest brand in the American continent.

However, challenges and crises did not stop following the AOL until 2010. At some regular intervals, AOL met with the existential crises. But, with the help of cutting-edge strategy, planning, and huge investment, AOL overcame all the issues. And today AOL has emerged as a glorious and magnificent email service provider.

Many experts believe that AOL is more than just an email service provider. It contribution to the welfare of the American community will not be forgotten. AOL is such a great company that has made all efforts to instill a sense of unity in the community of the USA. In those years, when the digitalization has just started its journey, AOL left a big smile on the faces of millions of the American by introducing the fast and instant message service. This instant message service which was internet-based attracted huge praise across the whole USA. Later on, as a result of continuous growth AOL kept continue to introduce excellent applications.

Products of the AOL

In other words, we can say AOL is a godfather of all internet-based services as well as email services. Apart from the awesome email services, AOL is known for its simple but effective and secure various applications. For your kind information, we have listed out some great of all time products and services of the AOL.

  • AOL instant messenger: AOL instant messenger has contributed a lot to help the American community grow beautifully. It was fast, effective, easy to use and above all, it was free. But, unfortunately, with the progress of time, AOL instant messenger could not pace up the fastest-growing time and lost in the floods of tons of digital services.
  • AOL Video: In the list of some magnificent products of the AOL, second comes AOL Video. It is another praiseworthy product of the AOL. With the help of this application, people can access the tons of video in a few clicks. From news to entertainment, all kinds of videos are available on AOL videos.
  • AOL Entertainment: Taking a serious note of the huge demand of the American people for entertainment services, AOL had introduced a multi-purpose platform to deliver tons of information about news, sports, weather and more.
  • AOL Email Services: AOL email service has always been a lighthouse for other email service like Yahoo and Gmail. AOL has left no stone unturned to take the email services to a whole new level. Fast, effective, secure and reliable email service of AOL has helped the community of the USA to grow beautifully at full pace.

Frequent Issues with AOL email services

However, AOL is famous for giving flawless services all the time. But, the sad truth is that sometimes it may give you a hard time. Likewise, the other email services, AOL email services are not 100% full proof from technical snags and other glitches. By the way, the fact of the matter is that AOL technical department strives hard all the time to give the seamless service 24*7. Unfortunately, despite putting all the best efforts, any user can face the below-mentioned problems.

  • Failing to create a new AOL email account.
  • Not able to send or receive email through AOL.
  • Have forgotten the password to the email account.
  • Recovery of the forgotten password.
  • Facing error while having a login error.
  • Hanging or slow working of the AOL's website.
  • Recovery of the expired or locked AOL account.
  • Finding the temporary errors every now and then,
  • Any issue with the installation of AOL's application.
  • Restoration of the AOL hacked account.
  • Failing to apply the IMAP and POP setting.
  • Problem with taking out the print.
  • An issue with downloading the email from the email account to the computer.
  • Not able to sync all the email contact to your AOL email account.
  • Encounter with any suspicious activity on your email account.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned issues, there could be so many more issues. But, having a high number of issues doesn't mean that AOL email services lack qualities. Such issues exist with other email service providers too. Read further the ways to get the optimum solution of all the wide-ranging problems.

AOL Customer Service

Live customer support is the biggest and unique advantage of the AOL service. AOL's fast and reliable customer service has helped it to become the choice of millions in America. If any need arise related to your AOL email account whether it is a simple password resetting issue or complex issue like the recovery of the hacked AOL email account, you can contact our customer care department. We are proud of being certified tech support based in the USA. After long research and study, we have gained specialization in troubleshooting all kinds of AOL email related issues. You will be glad to know that we are a one-stop-shop for an extensive range of technical and nontechnical glitches and threats. Our technical engineers have a high degree of patience and professionalism. They love to deal with challenges. Our entire customer care department is fully dedicated to AOL customer services.

Furthermore, our experienced and talented AOL customer services department is fully equipped with facilities of chatting, call and remote access. So, it means, all-round customer satisfaction is for sure within your comfort zone.